Jon Pleveich

As a contractor, owner of Southern Traditions Development, UCF graduate and long time College Park resident, Jon takes great pride in enhancing the Orlando streetscape with every new home he builds. His passion for architecture and people drives every decision when building a home. He pays close attention to every detail making sure each house he builds enhances the character of the neighborhood in which it is built and making sure it satisfies the people he builds for. With over 15 years of construction and general contracting experience and over 250,000 sq ft  of custom built homes, you can be sure you receive first class knowledge and treatment from Jon.

Kim Foy

As a co-owner of Southern Traditions Development, UCF graduate and also College Park resident, Kim manages the marketing, administration, land development and sales for Southern Traditions.  She works with designers and industry experts to stay current on the latest technology in the design industry to create modern yet timeless spaces.  Her appreciation for the arts and city living aid the design and development process of homes to create spaces to be enjoyed by all who enter.